Something Old/ Something New

 Something old is here bringing something new. The something old is I bringing newly created thoughts and insights to the Internet. (Yes, the English teacher in me compels the word “I,” not “me.”)

But guess what? It is I who am old-fashioned. Language is a living entity. When enough people use “it is me” or some such grammatical construction, then that usage becomes the new norm. So, I guess it is me writing after all. Let’s just not make any conversation we may have just “between you and I.” Oops! That grammatical boat has sailed, too, hasn’t it?

Welcome to my blog where something old (me) is willing to change into something new––within reason, of course.

You’ll notice I am a published writer. I will be blogging about issues in my new book as well as the older book, so expect to hear stories on aging and stories on sexual diversity. Hmm. Can we connect the two? We’ll see. For now, explore the website.

OMG! I just spellchecked this entry and guess what? I’m being prompted to change the “me” (the one in parenthesis after the word “old” in the welcome to my blog sentence) to “I!”


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